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Lessons From Exile

Go Your Way Till The End

Dan Reid

Foster City: 03/13/2022

Daniel 12

Of Beasts and Kings

Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 03/06/2022

Daniel 7

Character and Change

Kevin Sneed

CPC All: 02/27/2022

Daniel 6

Read the Writing on the Wall

Dan Reid

Foster City: 02/20/2022

Daniel 5


Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 02/13/2022

Daniel 4:34-37

Drenched In the Dew of Heaven

Kevin Sneed

South Campus: 02/06/2022

Daniel 4:1-33

A Quiet Refrain

Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 01/30/2022

Daniel 3

Influencing Our Babylon

Dan Reid

Foster City: 01/23/2022

Daniel 2

Finding Resolve

Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 01/16/2022

Daniel 1:1-21

Intro: On Babylon and Exile

Kevin Sneed

CPC All: 01/09/2022

Daniel 1:1-2, Psalm 137