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2023–2024 WBS Registration

Decades after Jesus' resurrection, nearing the end of their lives, Peter and John wrote to the churches they oversaw, encouraging and instructing them on living out their faith amid hostility, harassment, opposition, and false teaching. Their heart was to strengthen and instruct believers to live differently than those around them – to live as strangers here, not loving or conforming to the world.


Peter and John's letters will challenge us to examine every area of our daily lives. We will consider how to live as hopeful, holy, truthful, loving, serving, hospitable, sacrificial, and truly free people who do good and love each other for the love and renown of Jesus.


WBS groups meet weekly on campus on Wednesday’s at 9:45 am or 7:00 pm or weekly on zoom at 7:00 pm. Our prayer is that each week you will experience our genuine love for God, for His Word and each other in your Women’s Bible Study group.


We are excited to welcome children for KBS (Kids Bible Study) during our Wednesday morning class.  KBS will meet from 9:45 - 11:35 AM each Wednesday that WBS is in session.  Kids ages 0 - 5 are welcome to join us for the morning to discover truths about God through Bible stories and activities - please register your child today.


All groups will begin on Wednesday, September 20.


For assistance with registration, email Kim Schulz