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Bring Hope To Women

Women in underserved communities face many challenges and risks related to their overall well-being. These challenges include human trafficking and unplanned pregnancy. Human trafficking is rampant worldwide, and it exists in every county in the Bay Area, where women are the most identified victims. Unplanned pregnancy is common, with about one in two pregnancies in the U.S unplanned.


Get involved with CPC local outreach ministries and partners to bring hope to women by providing access to care and restoration. (Sources: Bay Area Traffic Coalition, Office on Women’s Health)


Get trained to intercept cybersex calls with other male team members that meet once a month.


Team Leader: Santosh Davies




Human trafficking is rampant across the United States, and it's in our neighborhood. It's found in local businesses and especially in what we call Frontline Industries — airports, apartments, and hotels — where trafficking victims are forced to move, work, and sleep every day. We can help by learning and mobilizing others to learn about the sex-trafficking epidemic and how to be a part of the solution through the Bay Area Anti Trafficking Coalition.


Team Leader: Pamela Lee-Alvarez




CPC supports RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics to provide holistic care, education, support, and pregnancy loss healing. RealOptions serves schools, youth groups and adult groups through a health education program to empower them with skills to achieve holistic health. CPCer's can become a friend of RealOptions and use their gifts in a variety of volunteer opportunities directly with their clients or as an ambassador.