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Living By Faith

On Living and Dying Well

Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 08/22/2021

Genesis 25:1-8

How I Met Your Mother Story

Dan Reid

CPC All: 08/15/2021

Genesis 24

'Till Death Do Us Part

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 08/08/2021

Genesis 23

The Lord Will Provide

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 08/01/2021

Genesis 22

Faithfulness and Fear

Kevin Sneed

South Campus: 07/25/2021

Genesis 20-21

A World of Possibilities

Kevin Sneed

Foster City: 07/11/2021

Genesis 18-19

The God Who Responds In Grace

Bryson Bridges

Foster City: 07/04/2021

Genesis 17

Running Ahead of the God Who Sees

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 06/27/2021

Genesis 16

When We Believe God

Dan Reid

CPC All: 06/20/2021

Genesis 15

Returning To Faith

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 06/06/2021

Genesis 13

Going But Not Knowing

Dan Reid

Foster City: 05/30/2021

Genesis 12:1-20