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Two pillars support CPC's vision for transformed people transforming the Peninsula. Those two pillars are worship and spiritual formation. We can worship God through our prayer life, and we are opening our lives to the Holy Spirit's work through our prayer life. Prayer is a vital part of a believer's life, and through prayer, we can be transformed through the Holy Spirit.


We also understand that prayer is a vital part of our community. We pray for each other individually, through our ministries, and the many prayer teams that are a part of CPC. We consider it an honor to hold you up in prayer and to know how God is answering your prayers.


Monica Griffin, our Care Coordinator, is happy to receive your prayer requests and pass them along to our different prayer teams if that is your desire or to pass them onto one of our pastors or elders. You can email Monica or go ahead and click on the yellow box that says "I Need Prayer" and fill out that form that goes directly to Monica.