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40 Day Reading Plan In The Gospel of Matthew

Day 1– Matthew 1:1-17

Major Moment: The genealogy of Jesus


Day 2–Matthew 1:18-25

Major Moment: The birth of Jesus


Day 3–Matthew 2:1-12

Major Moment: The wise men visit Jesus


Day 4–Matthew 2:13-23

Major Moment: The wise men visit Jesus


Day 5–Matthew 3

Major Moment: Jesus is baptized by John while God the Father and the Holy Spirit are present.


Day 6–Matthew 4:1-11

Major Moment: Jesus overcomes Satan's temptations with God’s Truth and defeated him in the wilderness and Jesus begins calling the disciples.


Day 7– Matthew 4:12-25

Major Moment: Jesus’ Early Galilean Ministry


Day 8–Matthew 5:1-16

Major Moment: The Sermon on the Mount


Day 9–Matthew 5:17-48

Major Moment: The Sermon on the Mount


Day 10–Matthew 6

Major Moment: The Lord’s Prayer

Day 11–Matthew 7:1-12

Major Moment: Jesus teaches on the Golden Rule.


Day 12–Matthew 7:13-29

Major Moment: Jesus Calls his disciples to decision and commitment.


Day 13–Matthew 8

Major Moment: Jesus heals the sick and calms a storm.


Day 14–Matthew 9

Major Moment: Jesus heals the paralytic and the blind men and the call of Matthew.


Day 15–Matthew 10:1-16

Major Moment: Jesus sends out the 12 disciples and gives them instructions.


Day 16–Matthew 10:17-42

Major Moment: Jesus prepares his disciples for the persecution they will experience and tells them not to be afraid.


Day 17– Matthew 11

Major Moment: Jesus promises rest for our souls: a rest found only in Him.


Day 18–Matthew 12

Major Moment: Jesus teaches about what the Sabbath is and what it is not.


Day 19–Matthew 13:1-52

Major Moment: Jesus uses multiple parables to teach those gathered at the Sea of Galilee.


Day 20–Matthew 13:53-14:36

Major Moment: John the Baptist is beheaded, Jesus feeds thousands of people as He miraculously multiplies five loaves and two fish and Jesus walks on water.

Day 21– Matthew 15

Major Moment: Jesus teaches about cleanliness and faith.


Day 22–Matthew 16

Major Moment: Jesus predicts His suffering, death, and resurrection to His disciples.


Day 23–Matthew 17

Major Moment: The transfiguration


Day 24– Matthew 18

Major Moment: Jesus gives a strong warning against causing others stumble, especially children. The parable of The Wandering Sheep and The Unforgiving Debtor are also presented.


Day 25–Matthew 19

Major Moment: Jesus discusses the topic of divorce, the little children come to Jesus and the rich man tries to acquire eternal life


Day 26– Matthew 20

Major Moment: Laborers in the vineyard and Jesus foretells his death for a third time


Day 27–Matthew 21

Major Moment: Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem and Jesus cleanses the temple


Day 28–Matthew 22

Major Moment: Jesus engages in discussion with the Jewish leaders and tells them the greatest law is to love God above all else.


Day 29– Matthew 23

Major Moment: Jesus calls out the Pharisees as hypocrites and condemns the religious leaders


Day 30– Matthew 24:1-14

Major Moment: Jesus teaches on the Mount of Olives and tells the disciples about what is coming in the future and what the signs will be of His second coming.

Day 31–Matthew 24:15-51

Major Moment: Jesus continues his Olivet Discourse and tells the disciples about what the signs will be of His second coming.


Day 32–Matthew 25:1-13

Major Moment: Parables of the ten bridesmaids.


Day 33–Matthew 25:14-46

Major Moment: Parables of the bags of gold and the sheep and the goats.


Day 34– Matthew 26:1-29

Major Moment: The anointing at Bethany and the last supper.


Day 35–Matthew 26:30-75

Major Moment: Jesus prays at Gethsemane and is then arrested.


Day 36– Matthew 27:1-31

Major Moment: Judas and Pilate.


Day 37– Matthew 27:32-56

Major Moment: The conviction, death and burial of Jesus.


Day 38– Matthew 27:57-66

Major Moment: The conviction, death and burial of Jesus.


Day 39–Matthew 28:1-15

Major Moment: The angel tells the women that Jesus is risen and the Great Commission is given.


Day 40–Matthew 28:16-20

Major Moment: The Great Commission.

Unlikely Kingdom

The Gospel of Matthew

We are embarking on a journey through the Gospel of Matthew. To my knowledge, this gospel has never been taught from start to finish at CPC. Here are a few things that perhaps you never knew about this gospel:

  1. Throughout most of the history of the church, Matthew has been considered the most important Gospel we have. This is why it is the first of four.
  2. Matthew is one of the three synoptic Gospels along with Mark and Luke. These three Gospels share many of the same accounts. Most of the Gospel of Mark is also found in Matthew, though generally in shorter form.
  3. Nowhere in this Gospel are we told who the author is, but from the earliest times the church has believed that Matthew, the tax-collector, wrote it. Matthew became one the original twelve Apostles.
  4. Scholars debate over when this Gospel was written. Some say it written prior to the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, and some say after. We prefer the earlier date but we cannot know for sure.
  5. Matthew wrote for a primarily Jewish audience, often showing how Old Testament prophecy was fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus. The book contains more than 130 Old Testament quotes and allusions.
  6. Matthew’s purpose was to prove that Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah, the culmination of God’s salvation story, who came to be our Savior and to inaugurate an unlikely kingdom for both Jews and Gentiles who believe.
  7. Matthew is the only gospel writer who explicitly mentions the church.
  8. Matthew uses two phrases no other gospel uses. He changes “the Kingdom of God” to “the Kingdom of heaven,” respecting the Jews’ reverence for the name of the Lord. He also frequently says, “That which was spoken through the prophets might be fulfilled,” reinforcing the connection between Jesus’ life and the Old Testament.
  9. Matthew is the only gospel that mentions the magi at Jesus’ birth. Matthew never says there were only three “Wise Men,” but since they brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh, these three gifts led to the common belief that there were just three magi.
  10. Five women are included in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus in chapter 1. In the culture Matthew was written, genealogies usually only included men.

I hope this wets your appetite for a great time in the Gospel of Matthew. We will, be providing a 40 day reading plan through this Gospel so you can also read and enjoy it in your devotions or as a family.

Mark Mitchell

Lead Pastor


Matthew Artwork

We start a new sermon series this week called “Unlikely Kingdom.” We are so excited to journey through the Gospel of Matthew this year and part of next year. We have broken up this series into eight ‘sub-series’. You will see changes in our artwork more often this year as we go through the Gospel of Matthew.

Many of us had the opportunity to go to Israel in February and walk where Jesus walked. Through our time there, knowing this series was coming up, we intentionally took photographs of the places where Jesus went. As we embark on the beginning of Jesus’ ministry you will notice a desert scene in our artwork. This is known as the Mount of Temptation in Israel. Early on in Matthew, Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. You will also notice that we have eight different icons, which correspond to the eight sections of Matthew. For the “beginning” section of Matthew we are using the icon of water symbolizing Jesus’ baptism and the beginning of His ministry. Our hope is that these images and icons will help you remember some of the major themes and stories of Matthew.