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Events and Promotions

This is your one stop shop for events! It includes room requests, forms, design, social media, web, app and more! If you have an event, this is where you want to start. We need 6-8 week lead time before you want to start promotion to strategize, plan and help you promote your event.

Website and Digital Bulletin

Need something posted on in our digital bulletin or a change on the website? This is the form for you. We need 2 weeks lead time!


Do you need sermon series graphics, special signage, or a special graphic outside of an event? Then click here to start the process. We need 6 weeks lead time.

Reserve a Room

Need a room to meet in that is not associated with an event? We need 2 weeks lead time! Fill out this form!

Employee Needs

Do you need business cards, thank you cards, Sunday nametags or training for CPCconnect? This is the form for you! Some of these items need a 2-3 week lead time because they are outsourced.


Need guest guides, baptism t–shirts, CPCKids posters or other ongoing print needs? This is the form for you! Some of these items need a 6 week lead time if they need to be outsourced.

CPC Swag

Would you like an item with our branding on it? This is the form for you! Please note, this can take anywhere from 6-10 weeks just for your order, so please allow time for that. Fill out this form.

Email Blast

If you need to send an email to a group of people, fill out this form. We need 1.5 weeks to prepare your email. We will try to accommodate your request date, but it does depend on All-Church emails that get scheduled. Please upload either your file within the form or share it with Sandy Hughes and Kim Schulz in Google Docs.

Story to Share

What has God been doing in the lives of people in your ministry? Tell the comms department about the story!